We offer consultancy in the Estate Planning and Legacy Management. The consultancy includes but not limited to advising clients how to achieve the needs and wishes of the clients in term of distributing their assets during their lifetime and after their demise.

Currently Emzek Associates is a strategic partner of MyAngkasa Amanah Berhad (MAAB), a trustee company established under the Companies Act 1965 and registered under the Trust Act 1949. The Shariah compliant trustee company is wholly owned by Angkatan Koperasi Kebangsaan Malaysia Berhad or better known as ANGKASA, the APEX Cooperative in Malaysia registered under the Cooperative Societies Act 1993.

Our Associate Consultants are specially trained in the field of estate planning and legacy management, and most of them have qualification and credential as Islamic Financial Planner™ (IFP®). The financial planning approach is applied in offering our services in order to meet the objectives of the clients.

With the partnership of MAAB, we offer services related to estate planning and legacy management which includes Wasiat writing, guardianship, trusteeship and estate administration. To ensure the distribution of the estate run smoothly, meeting the needs and wishes of the clients, we offer comprehensive and exclusive estate planning which involved other tools of estate planning like Hibah, Amanah / Trust, Harta Sepencarian and Waqf.


MyAngkasa Amanah Berhad (MAAB) is a company registeredunder Trustee Act 1949, wholly owned by ANGKASA, and an APEX cooperative organisation registered under Cooperative Act 1993.

Under the MAAB flagship, Emzek offers services in meeting the clients’ objectives. Approach undertaken by Emzek’s associates consultants is accordance to financial planning approach and for Muslims it has to comply to Shariah principles.

Services and products involved in the consultancy division including Comprehensive and Exclusive Wasiat for Muslim and Will for non-Muslims, Declaration of Hibah and Hibah Amanah, Declaration of Harta Sepencarian, Amanah / Trust and Waqf Document.

Signing Agreement between Emzek Associates and MyAngkasa Amanah Berhad (MAAB)

CEO of MyAngkasa Amanah Berhad, Dato Ahmad Saruji Abd Aziz during the cooperation ceremony

Hand-over of MyAngkasa cap as the symbolic of cooperation between Emzek and MyAngkasa


The venture of Emzek Associates (Emzek) as the strategic partner of MyAngkasa Amanah Berhad (MAAB) is not only to provide Wasiat for the Muslims and Will for the Non-Muslims, but mainly to serve the needs of the middle and high income population Muslim clienteles in providing Shariah-compliant Professional Services in Islamic Estate Planning. The aim of Emzek is to provide its services, relative to estate planning, in a manner strictly based on the Shariah principles. Emzek shall evolve the products and services to serve the changing needs of the citizens and residents as the nation migrates towards higher-income status, especially among the Muslims. This means offering products and services meeting the needs of the Muslim citizens and carve a niche in Islamic Wealth Distribution. Emzek shall operates as the provider for MAAB in providing Shariah-compliant Professional Services in Islamic Estate Planning areas such as Comprehensive and Exclusive Wasiat-Writing Services which include Hibah and Harta Sepencarian Declaration as well as Trust and Waqf Documentation. MAAB as a trustee entity serve in providing Custodial Services, Appointment as Executor, Estate Administration, Trustee for Amanah Hayat, Trustee for Education Trust, Trustee for Maintenance Trust, Trustee for Corporate Trust, Trustee for Charitable Trust, Trustee for Insurance/Takaful Trust. The services of Professional Wasiat-writing, Executorship and Trusteeship provided is based on the appointment of Associates Consultants who have gone through extensive specialised training. This venture not only can be seen as a business venture, but also delivering a positive social impact on the communities. The societal contributions can be seen from different motivations – perceived moral or religious obligations, philanthropic considerations, or economic self-interest as education services could also yield business benefits.